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When you access Tunstall internet sites we may store some information (commonly known as a "cookie") on your web enabled device e.g. computer, smartphone. A cookie is a short text file that may be stored on your devices hard drive when you visit a website. We use the following types of cookies on this website: "Session cookies" - to identify and maintain a browsing session, and to remember whether you have rejected cookies through your browser settings. Cookies that track whether a social networking option has been used to forward material from Tunstall’s website (so that we know which social networking tools you are using). These cookies do not collect or track any personal data or information about you as an individual. Instead, they are focused on how the Tunstall website is used, and seek to enhance the accessibility of the website. We do not use cookies or other tracking data to send you advertising or any promotional material. Note that most web browsers allow some control of cookies through browser settings. If you delete or block our cookies, some parts of the website may not work properly, because some of our cookies are strictly necessary for the operation of this website. This Online Privacy and Cookies Statement places all users of this website on notice about our use of cookies. Your continued use of this website confirms to us that you are aware of our use of cookies and have no objection to this. Passwords are not stored in cookies. A cookie helps you get the best out of the site and helps Tunstall provide you with a more customised service.

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